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This is called a PTC " Paid To Click " service which allow members to join for free and have an account to surf ads daily and earn money from every ad they view. The amount earned by ad is 1 cent (0.01 $) which is small amount but can make a huge wealth if you really concerned with this as your part time work. The site gives you 4 ads daily and my be 5 ads. So that's 4 cents daily.

The question is how can I make money with this small commission??!!!!
OK..there is a wonderful system called referral system which is supported by this ptc company to make you increase your earnings.

Referral : is someone who joins the company under your account by using your referral link which will be given to you at the banners page in your account. You earn a commission from the ptc company every click your referral mad to surf or view an ad. This commission differs from member to another by the difference of his membership type.

When you join this ptc site using this link http://www.onbux.com/?rh=c1ebcf2e566fbdb0456d6331815e5e99 you join as a standard member which is the free membership. In this case your commission from the site when your referral click ads is 0.5 cent (0.005 $)per ad. Try to calculate your earnings if you have 3 referrals, 10 refs, 20 refs or 100 refs.
You will find that you can make ( 0.11- 2.04 $) per day or more and more.some makes 50$ per day (Upgraded members get commission 100% of ref. click).

What if couldn't get people to join under my ref. link?
The company provides a feature of renting those members who join the site directly without using ref. link and the price of renting per ref. is 25 cents for 30 days.
So these refs. are called rented referrals (RR), but the refs. joined from your link are called direct referrals (DR) which are your life time refs.

What is upgraded members?
You can pay money for upgrading your membership to have more features the 1st one is you earn 100% commission per your ref click. Which means you earn 4 cents per each ref clicks his/her 4 ads daily.
there is two memberships to upgrade:
1- Golden
2- Ultimate
each one has its advantages of prices and more features.

How can I receive my money?
This site supports 4 online payment processors which you join any of them for free to receive money there, then you can transfer money to your local bank at any country.
These payment processors are : PayPal, AlertPay, Netller, Liberty Reserve.
I prefer AlertPay which support the whole world and easy to use. You can Join here https://www.alertpay.com/?AToxHd4b9SNpeFLN5jycTg%3D%3D

Join and start earning Now!
Feel free to post any question if you have.


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